Eligibility and How to Join


Eligibility Requirements

Participation in the OK-First program is limited to Oklahoma agencies with jurisdictional responsibility and authority in maintaining public safety. In addition, officials from public safety agencies located in counties bordering Oklahoma may also participate in the program. Members must be employed by, appointed to, or be an official volunteer of an eligible agency. Eligible agencies include:

  • Local, municipal, state, regional, tribal, or federal government agencies,
  • Schools (K12 and university), and
  • Non-profit disaster relief agencies (e.g., Red Cross).

Due to the nature of the funding that supports this program, for-profit entities are NOT eligible to participate in OK-First.

How Do I Become OK-First Certified?

For an individual to become OK-First Certified you must work or volunteer for an eligible agency and complete the following:

  • Register as a new OK-First member (if you have done this before do not do it again - please email us instead at okfirst@mesonet.org)
  • Review the OK-First Member Agreement, complete the final page, and return the final page to OK-First (see final page for instructions)
  • Allow OK-First several business days to review your information, verify your eligibility, and send you enrollment instructions
  • Enroll in an OK-First Certification class at https://learn.mesonet.org (pending available classes and space)
  • Complete the class pre-requisites to be accepted
  • Attend an OK-First Certification class and pass the end-of-class test with a 70% or higher

Maintaining Certification

To maintain OK-First certification, OK-First members must successfully complete a re-certification class:

  • No less than once every 24 months

Failure to uphold this training requirement will result in a loss of OK-First certification and data access.