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Site Location Variable Descriptions

The Mesonet Sites page includes a link to download a comma-separated values (CSV) file that includes geographic information about each Mesonet station. The first row is a header that defines each column in the CSV file. The abbreviations used in the header are explained below.

Variable Description
STNM Station Number
STID Station Identifier
NAME Station Name
CITY Nearest Incorporated Town
RANG Range From Town To Station
CDIR Compass Direction From Town To Station
CNTY County
NLAT North Latitude
ELON East Longitude
ELEV Elevation In Meters
CDIV Oklahoma Climate Division
CLAS Station Class
WCR05 5 cm Residual Water Content
WCS05 5 cm Saturated Water Content
A05 5 cm Alpha Constant
N05 5 cm N Constant
BULK5 5 cm Soil Bulk Density
GRAV5 5 cm Soil Percentage Gravel
SAND5 5 cm Soil Percentage Sand
SILT5 5 cm Soil Percentage Silt
CLAY5 5 cm Soil Percentage Clay
TEXT5 5 cm Soil Texture Class
WCR25 25 cm Residual Water Content
WCS25 25 cm Saturated Water Content
A25 25 cm Alpha Constant
N25 25 cm N Constant
BULK25 25 cm Soil Bulk Density
GRAV25 25 cm Soil Percentage Gravel
SAND25 25 cm Soil Percentage Sand
SILT25 25 cm Soil Percentage Silt
CLAY25 25 cm Soil Percentage Clay
TEXT25 25 cm Soil Texture Class
WCR60 60 cm Residual Water Content
WCS60 60 cm Saturated Water Content
A60 60 cm Alpha Constant
N60 60 cm N Constant
BULK60 60 cm Soil Bulk Density
GRAB60 60 cm Soil Percentage Gravel
SAND60 60 cm Soil Percentage Sand
SILT60 60 cm Soil Percentage Silt
CLAY60 60 cm Soil Percentage Clay
TEXT60 60 cm Soil Texture Class
WCR75 75 cm Residual Water Content
WCS75 75 cm Saturated Water Content
A75 75 cm Alpha Constant
N75 75 cm N Constant
BULK75 75 cm Soil Bulk Density
GRAV75 75 cm Soil Percentage Gravel
SAND75 75 cm Soil Percentage Sand
SILT75 75 cm Soil Percentage Silt
CLAY75 75 cm Soil Percentage Clay
TEXT75 75 cm Soil Texture Class
DATC Date Commissioned
DATD Date De-Commissioned